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Two birds

he puts his troubles aside,
for love,
and comes to fly together,
actually, he knows not melancholy,
as long as they can be together,
and so it is,
the sunshine of the two birds,
no longer the half moon in the dark,
two birds begin to rove,
no aims,
hearing the insects calling,
when meeting with stromy sleet,
they learned to hug each other,
huddle for warmth,
and comfort each other,
they share everything,
this love won’t be laid to rest,
they fly,
over an open field,
over the forests,
over the mountain ridge,
secretly fly round the threshing floor in the fall,
bypass the ocean,
cross the river,
they roam by a babbling brook,
amidst the branches in the morning,
there are two virds singing,
beating thier unwearied wings,
the reflection in the water,
is the two of them,
their footprints,
light and deep.
they are free,
but unusual,
every minute every second,
a time to love,
all the way.
It doesn’t matter,
there is no fragrance of flowers,
or in a birch forest looking up at the clouds drifting above,
in a time when nobody is around,
in times of affright,
it’s the time they play and sport,
forgetting the way home.


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