My Interpretation & Decoration of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Wild is the wind

Look up mountain sheep,

the southerly blowing wild,

rended and wounded,

places in its path,

a face and tree-bark,

no difference,

standing on a hillock,

prairie before the eyes,

no tricks,

tell me where to go,

blowing wind,

moonlight in the night,

shining on the walls in the yard,

delineating and outlining ,

the world’s most beautiful patterns,

blue smoke climbing,

drifting round the horizon,

sea breeze sweeping past a volcano,


the contours of vicissitudes,

would you please tell me,

mountain sheep,

how to understand,

the beautiful magical sounds of the zither,

in fact the rainwater is not so light,

melting too much concealments,

whirling of the leaves is like a loophole,

trees next to the grave,

wobbling rapidly and pressingly,


who are friends,

tell me the where to go,

blowing wind.

Autumn wind and leaves seperated,

brilliant or sad,

looking back,

it is so,

cool and desolate,

a scene of,

windy flowers and snowy moon,

it’s that simple,

the pace of a timepiece,

doesn’t mean the turn of contents in the years past,

the glory of the flowers,

symbolizes only one side,

where the wind and sand have been,

can’t forget,

would you please tell me,

blowing wind,

the directions of time and light,

but what good would it do,

perhaps we are in the opposite direction,

we don’t hold onto this hope,

because of the vagaries,

of the world,

the arc the swallows drew,

is the image the wind told us,

dreaming is hard,

the feelings after awakening,


the floating swinging snow,

is really bright against the night sky,

in the eyes,


beginning to feel attached,

to such scenes.


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