My Interpretation of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.


Bustling city,
silent street corner,
long-drawn-out serenity in remote countryside,
domestic animals hearing each others’ stories,
in a soundproof window of a high-rise,
keeping my mind on writing the hustle and bustle outside,
alone on the rails,
vermifrom lamps and lanterns waning,
enjoying the hush,
safe and quiet,
my heart as level and limpid as a whetstone,
facing the complex ocean of my mind,
in solitude,
facing the present moment,
questing for the future,
writing the subtleness,
everyone is writing their own lives ,
day and night,
acting and unraveling their own roles,
whitewashing this complicated, flourishing world,
no matter high or low status,
the shades of realms,
we are walking on the boulevard of our own,
lined with wonderful ongoing sceneries,
assisting and complementing the human growth,
making the human life more variegated.
has a wide range of meanings,
clusters of flowers on the mountains,
a million purples and thousands of reds,
bridges and running water are the material aspect of scenery; Pegasus in the outerspace,
an abstract,
a fugue,
a fantastical and imaginary dreamscape;
plain and dull,
but deep and profound bits and pieces,
are scenery;
a meditation,
a frozen moment in the mind,
scenery is now,
gurgling brooks and rivulets,
atop the flying and clashing vertical waterfalls,
in the flash of sunrise,
in the greenish ripples of the ocean.
A frozen moment  is eternity,
it will never fade away.
scenery follows and accompanies life,
purifying and cleansing the human mind,
an integral part of an immeasurable value,
it can be said,

life is brimming with sceneries.
Even though scenery is everywhere,
not everyone can feel it.
Feeling the scenery is not simple,
poeple have different life values,
different ideological doctrines,
and see things differently.
Once there were 2 entrepreneurs,
came onto the plains,
one saw an eyeful of wasteland,
the other saw a large sheet of scenery,
the latter acquired great success in the investment of this land.
This shows the need to learn to appreciate the scenery,
to savor the scenery,
this requires keen insights,
a way of thinking aloof from and outside of matters.
For example a tree,
ordinary people only see a dull and bland tree,
slightly intelligent people see the tiny and petty places of the tree, leaves,
branches and morphology,
truly wise people see the length and value of the existence of the tree, a deposit of deep meanings,
this created men of letters,
thinkers and poets of the past dynasties.
Just think about a level more and a layer deeper,
raising the levels of thought,
there are sceneries amidst a scenery,
the meaning and intention within,
can only be felt,
Just like the poetry in the “Book of Songs”,
or any other poetry anthologies,
contrast and emulation of moods,
quasiphysical algorithms,
using physical matters to express feelings and emotions,
the ancients knew the rhymes of sceneries,
is it too difficult for modern people to feel,
modern people are steeped in the virtual internet world,
the fatigue that high-load study and work bring in,
giving people less time to stop and think,
to enjoy the scenery.
Even so,
we need to have a reasonable time allocation,
during free time,
leaning on the railing,
gazing afar,
closing the eyes,
soaking in the scenery,
eliminating fatigue,
purifying the soul,
heightening the spiritual realm.
Some people think that so-called spiritual realm is non-existent,
it exists in the relish of a scenery,
it is not only the fusion of sentiment and landscape,
but also the intersection of a man’s soul and the beauty of the scenery,
the imperceptibility and elevation of the spiritual realm.
On the golden road of life,
sceneries encountered are endless,
even careful reading and delving will not necessarily be of benefit, there exists double-sidedness in a sceney,
maybe some people revel in the scenery before their eyes,
but getting in too deep,
they will lose their goals in life and the way ahead.
Casual stopping may cost you some good things,
may cause you to feel sorry,
even lead you astray,
drift you off-course,
push you over the edge,
into the dark abyss,
bury you in the long incessant river.
improve your ability to distinguish right from wrong,
seize the good fleeting oppotunities,
perceive scenery from every side,
whether beauitiful or plain,
there exists the value of existence there must be,
make the best judgment and believe in your choice,
be in harmony with the scenery,
and enhance the spiritual realm,
understand the significance of the nature of things,
let the perfect soul be eternal like the scenery.
The night is dark,
staring out the window,
the thoughts,
undulating like the dim lights,
enjoying the quiet side of the scenery.


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