My Interpretation & Decoration of Poetical Ideas, Messages, Information and Resources.

Garden nook

Red, yellow veggies

all so beautiful

green grass

always harmonious

dew flickering on the leaves

little insects feasting on fruits

breeze sends fragrance

flowers nod

mixture of rain and soil excudes freshness

seedlings battling in the mud

small animals linger lovingly

footsteps lightly trod

afraid of disturbing the whispers

between florets and bugs

rocking chair in the afternoon

swaying silence

falls into a dream

only cicadas dispute heatedly

in the small of the courtyard

fruitful joy and happiness

takes away fatigue and exhaustion

a piece of fruit picked by hand

is the entrance of sweetness

to the snug elegant nook

of the little garden.


City night

Buildings, streets, shops, trees, flowers,

light and shadows

these are the backgrounds

of a brightly lit city

sleepless all night

glittering cars, buses, motorcycles etc.

shuttle in the meantime

night condenses into quietude

and thrilling chill

whispers of plants

beneath the starlight

the day passes by

light as cloud

soft as wind.

A clear day

mild sunshine

flower in the field

also called wildflower

it’s light purple

a hint of morbid paleness

yet very young

dew on the seedlings

transparent like tears

no colored eyeball

taupe soil

can’t say it’s fertile

it’s vitality sublimated

partially in the sun

even though

the wildflower has no name

and the dew colorless

it’s still a clear day.





First prize

and compliment

a piece of golden

fallen leaf

softly drifting

into the dainty domicile

over time

autumn will climb

up these chalky walls.

Soft shades of green

cold breaths of breeze

drive away every minute of

summer heat.


Standing at the heart

of a river

looking forward to a snowflake dawn

touching the cheek of reed

more awake than the breeze

the stars drifting

all over the sky

quelling the fear of falling asleep

the riverbank quiet as a cat

fireflies journey to another

bright spot

the lost corners

time has changed them

like paint

memory has shifted

their places

like wheels


Open mind


i sit at my desk

write down the draft of an idea

with a pen

words come together

in the soul

express my sincerity

write it out not just to show it

gently i

stretch my mind

engrave my heart with a message

of springtime

the word is alive

the work is the perfect embodiment

it lets life continue

create many tales and legends

and revive a spendid culture


persistence is best practice

the pen and ink will naturally release


transcendence of life

comes from a constant faith

just at the moment

when thoughts are open.

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