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Dreams of childhood

The sky of childhood is azure

the dream of childhood is sweet

the dream of childhood is a winter morning

hiding in bed

looking at the window grilles

listening to fairy tales

the dream of childhood is a prairie of spring

a group of friends

running around amongst wildflowers

watching butterflies and bees shuttling

and birds flying freely

the dream of childhood is a summer afternoon

lying quietly in bed

after a cool bath

listening to grasshoppers singing

under the eaves

the dream of childhood is a garden of autumn

still that group of friends

doing cartwheel

chasing crickets

under the clear syrupy sky

of childhood.

Rainy afternoon

The afternoon rain

the sky is serene and faint

clouds are silent

this occurs in every hamlet wilderness and hill

ears are baptized by birdsong

the noise of the city outside the windowpane

turns into smoke

a kid’s sitting by the window quietly

all afternoon

he does nothing

he breathes quietly

it’s good.

Early morning

the magpies open the door of dew

rest in the silence of the courtyard

lamps open their arms

and greet the early spring

cheese and candy piled up

into warm blessings

that overflow the whole house

time snuggled in arms

cats and dogs under the red-green wall

waiting for breakfast

a flowery affair begins

a dainty girl shakes hands with words

and words quietly pervade

and lastly she disappears

in endless reading.

The water is clear

the slow moving raft is startling

the quiet

the ripples startle the birds

in the woods

and they fly into the mirror of sky

in the water.

The heart knows

The river of life

is a beautiful ballad

what kind of melody it is

only the heart knows

the heart swells with happiness

like the eye of the morning sunshine

always so bright

streetlights diffuse

like flowers that bloom on treetops

in the valley

covering up the night sky

filling up the heart

what song is this

this surging melody

only the heart knows.


The moment the flowers smile

your charm stuns heaven and earth

the sound of water is your singing

the flowing clouds are your dress

the flowery hills are your youthful

romantic footsteps

the moment the eyes stare at quietness

poetry wanders in your tenderness

waves of wheat are your seduction

the duckweed are your big smile

the misty smokey rain

is your warm lingering temptation

in cold silent tears

your melancholy is taken away by the wild geese

the chrysanths are your attachment

the cicadas are your secret

and the burning red maple leaves are

your praise for nature

in the cold dignified enlightenment

you wash away the wind and moon

the evergreen is your love

the plum blossoms your hope

and the vast expanse of snowy sky

is your wish to be

born again.


Eating no meat is pride

extravagance of lightness in a plate

it is the refinement of chi

no traps of rapacity

it is a walk in the misty rain

to view the beauty of veggies

seedlings of medicament

amongst the soup of greenery

pak choy and tofu are extraordinary

when cooked in the heavenly kitchen

a vegetarian is a gentleman

showing brilliance

in the mountain of dragons and cranes

beneath the moonlight

vegetarianism is longevity.

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